Faculty of Education to move to Kelburn

Victoria University of Wellington’s Faculty of Education, along with the University’s Foundation Studies programme, will relocate to the University’s Kelburn campus early next year (2016).

“This is a logical development for Victoria and a valuable opportunity for a faculty which is not only committed to leading research and teaching but also increasingly draws students from undergraduate programmes, like the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, into world-class masters-level teaching qualifications,” says Vice-Chancellor Professor Grant Guilford. 

“In addition, we expect that by locating the Faculty of Education at Kelburn, the staff and students of this Faculty will be able to more effectively contribute to the areas of academic emphasis of the University. These include advancing better government, improving the health and wellbeing of our communities, spearheading digital futures, and enriching national culture, civil society and global citizenship.”

The decision to move the Faculty means the University will now begin looking at how the Karori campus might best be used for University purposes. 

“Victoria University has ambitious goals for the future, which include growth-with-quality in student and staff numbers and on-going enhancements to research quality, quantity and impact. How the Karori campus best supports the University’s future is an important consideration,” says Professor Guilford. 

“While we don’t have a fixed view, there are a number of options to consider including student or staff accommodation or redevelopment for other areas of the University. 

“We understand there are many people who will be interested in this decision and we will be talking to the community about the process we will follow. We expect to make recommendations on the best options before the Faculty relocates in early 2016.”