Anne Galloway

Anne’s doctoral work focusses on finding new ways to write about people’s relationships with farm animals, and our complex attitudes towards farmed animal life.

Commenced 2018

Dr Anne Galloway is Associate Professor in the Design for Social Innovation programme, and leads the More-Than-Human Lab, at Victoria University of Wellington's School of Design. A multispecies anthropologist and speculative design ethnographer, Anne's research and teaching focus on humanity's deep interdependence with other animals, plants, materials, and forces of the earth. She publishes widely and speaks internationally on matters related to design, culture, technology, ethics, environment and human-animal relations. Anne lives with her partner and their cat on a small rural block in the Akatarawa Valley, where they also raise Arapawa sheep and rare-breed ducks.

Anne writes: 'For the past eight years I've conducted ethnographic research on New Zealand's livestock agriculture industries, and how we understand relationships between people and farm animals. The decision to embark on another PhD came from my dissatisfaction, as a researcher and a writer, with how I was telling these stories.

'Over the years I've also developed a strong interest in how the fantastic can serve as social and cultural critique, creating new possibilities for relations between people and animals. For this project, I plan to explore the strengths and limitations of speculative fiction as a way to reimagine animal stories and reconfigure ethnographic writing—creating new forms and rewriting the human-sheep relationship in the process.'

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