Stu Bagby



STU BAGBY was born in 1947 and lives on a five acre block of land in Albany, Auckland. Formerly a grave-digger, he has most recently been occupied part-time as a tutor and reviewer. Previously published in Auckland University Press’s New Poets Vol. 2, his first full collection As it was in the beginning, published by Steele Roberts, was nominated in the Sunday Star Times by Kevin Ireland as one of 2005’s best books.

Bagby comments: ‘A light, fun poem, “The boys” came from borrowing some cattle to bring my overgrown paddocks down after I'd fenced them off. I became quite fond of the boys and spent many hours in their company. I like to end poetry readings with this poem and use the final two words to exit the stage.’



Poem: The boys



Steele Roberts Publications Ltd

Auckland University Press: AUP New Poets 2

nzepc new zealand electronic poetry centre: ‘Just Another Poem’

The New Zealand Listener (April–May 2005)

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