Best New Zealand Poems 2001


Bob Orr


BOB ORR was born in Hamilton in 1949 and now lives in Auckland. For many years he worked for the Auckland Harbour Board. His collections include Blue Footpaths (1971), Poems for Moira (1979), Cargo (1983), Red Trees (1985), Breeze (1991). He has never shown much inclination to involve himself in literary journalism — or to write anything other than poems.

Iain Sharp comments: “Bob doesn’t like to use words foolishly. Apart from the famously silent New Zealand painter Ralph Hotere, I don’t know of anyone less interested in small talk. Yet many people regard Bob with great affection, even though he doesn’t say that much and years might go by without their seeing him. I think this sparkling poem — full of warm fellow-feeling for a man he has never met and possibly won’t ever get round to greeting — explains why.”



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