The Exercise Book Live

The Exercise Book Live

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13-15 Jun 2013 from 8.00 pm - 10.00 pm 13th Jun 2013 8:00pm 15th Jun 2013 10:00pm

BATS Theatre, upstairs, corner Cuba and Dixon St, Wellington

BATS and the IIML invite you inside the creative writing workshop

THE EXERCISE BOOK LIVE - inside the creative writing workshop.

From left: Rachel Kerr, Emma Martin, Matt Bialostocki, Kerry Donovan-Brown and Lawrence Patchett are among the IIML students and graduates participating in The Exercise Book Live

This winter BATS Theatre is partnering with the International Institute of Modern Letters to bring you three evenings of insight into the writers' workshop. Join students and graduates of the IIML as they workshop writing generated by prompts from Victoria University Press's The Exercise Book live and unrehearsed. It'll be fun; it could get interactive; and there’ll be plenty of stimulating talk about how to energise your prose, poetry and scripts.

June 13: Starting the Engine - Poetry
Poet Helen Heath (Graft, Victoria University Press, 2013) facilitates a workshop with current MA poets Morgan Bach, Kirsten Le Harivel, Claire Orchard and MA graduate and poet Sarah Jane Barnett (A Man Runs into a Woman, Hue and Cry Press, 2012).

June 14: Jumping the Tracks - Prose
Writer Lawrence Patchett (I Got His Blood On Me, VUP, 2012) facilitates a workshop with current MA prose writers Rachel Kerr and Matthew Bialostocki, Adam Prize 2012 winner Kerry Donovan-Brown (Lamplighter) and 2012 Commonwealth Short Story Prize winner Emma Martin (Two Girls in a Boat, VUP, 2013).

June 15: Building a Script
Award-winning script-writer and satirist Dave Armstrong facilitates a workshop with MA script writers Jane Fletcher, Beanie (Maryse) Ridler, Hamish Parkinson and Jacob Beullens.

The show is stage-managed by writer and MA and PhD in Creative Writing graduate Pip Adam (Everything We Hoped For, VUP, 2011). She says she's very excited to have such a diverse range of writers involved. 'We have published writers of proven ability and new, emerging voices all offering feedback on each other's writing. The fact that the work under discussion is all "in progress" is also an exciting part of the show for me. It's such an interesting insight to the writing process. Surprising things happen when work that is in this playful phase is talked about by a group of writers.'

She believes the show will be of interest to writers and readers. 'One of the most commonly-asked questions of writers is, "Where do you get your ideas?" I think this show will give an insight into this.'

The writing workshop  forms the basis for the successful IIML programme. Writer Lawrence Patchett, another graduate of the MA and PhD in Creative Writing, will facilitate the live prose workshop. He says, 'The workshop has helped me so much, both as a writer and as a reader. It really is a case where contributing to a community can help you as an individual. I love the idea of showcasing this model so that more people can see how it works. Although on stage it might be a bit different - a bit edgier than usual.'

Award-winning writer and satirist Dave Armstrong, who convenes the IIML's Television Scriptwriting workshop, will facilitate the live script-writing workshop. He says, 'I'm really looking forward to workshopping in front of an audience. One of the exercises I'm doing will involve the entire audience so I'm particularly looking forward to that.'

And what about the students who will be workshopping their writing? Morgan Bach, a current IIML MA poetry student says, 'I am excited to be a part of the show for the sheer pleasure of the unknown - who knows what might happen? That's the beauty of a workshop, and the thing that kicks the "good fear" into you too. The best thing for writing (especially revision) is people I reckon, which is why a workshop situation is priceless. I think we'll all learn some new tricks - workshoppers and audience alike.'

Programme Manager at BATS Theatre, Cherie Jacobson, says The Exercise Book Live is a unique event for the theatre. 'I haven’t seen anything quite like this on the BATS' stage before, but I think it will really appeal to the BATS audience who are always ready and willing to try something new. And hopefully it will tempt some readers to see what happens when the page hits the stage!'

THE EXERCISE BOOK LIVE is on at BATS Theatre 8pm June 13 to 15.

Tickets are $10 or $5 concession.

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