Ocean Mercier

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Pukenga Matua/Senior Lecturer Te Kawa a Māui


Teaching in 2019


Ngāti Porou


BSc(Hons), PhD (Physics)


Ocean’s teaching and research interests are varied, but her key focus is how mātauranga Māori and science connect and relate, particularly in educational contexts and using novel digital technologies. She co-leads a National Science Challenge project investigating the perceptions of novel biotechnological controls of pest wasps in Aotearoa. Her research also involves kaupapa Māori reading of films. She is the presenter of Māori Television's Project Mātauranga and presents for TVNZ’s Coast.

Current research projects

  • Social and cultural perceptions of novel biotechnological controls of pest wasps, with Prof. Phil Lester
  • Virtual exchanges on Indigenous knowledge(s) and science in global contexts, with Dr Beth Leonard, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
  • Student learning and engagement in the Te Kawa a Māui Atlas
  • Place-based and map-based work in Māori Studies
  • The 48 Hour Film Competition: what do the audio commentaries reveal?

Research interests

  • The interface between mātauranga Māori and science
  • Cultural mapping and digital media in documenting local knowledge and diversifying the tertiary education experience
  • Kaupapa Māori readings of film, especially those of Taika Waititi
  • Portrayals of culture in limited-time film, especially the V48 Hours Furious Filmmaking Competition
  • Use of locally relevant 'cultural context' in science resources, especially Te Whata Kura Ahupungao, an initiative of the Faculty of Science (Equity) that has provided multimedia resources for learners and teachers of physics. Short, educational films can be downloaded or watched online in te reo and English.
  • Indigenous academic experience.

Achievements and awards

  • NZ Association of Scientists’ Lucy Cranwell science communicator award, 2017
  • Nomination for Australia and New Zealand Internet Award (ANZIA) for the Te Kawa a Māui Atlas, 2013
  • Nomination for Māori of the Year (Science), 2012
  • Ako Aotearoa Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award, 2012
  • Victoria University Teaching Excellence Award, 2011
  • Māori Academic Achievement Award in Physics, Inaugural Recipient, 2002

Postgraduate supervision

Completed PhDs

  • Ewan Pohe
  • Philip Best
  • Meegan Hall
  • Dennis Ngawhare
  • Parehau Richards
  • Elizabeth Kerekere

Completed Masters

  • Acushla Deanne O'Carroll
  • Sarsha Leigh Douglas

Currently (2018) supervising four PhD students and two Masters students.

Selection of publications

  • O. Ripeka Mercier and Beth Leonard, 2018. 'Indigenous Knowledge(s) and the Sciences in Global Contexts: Bringing Worlds Together.' in Elizabeth Ann McKinley and Linda Tuhiwai Smith (ed.s) Handbook of Indigenous Education. Singapore: Springer
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  • Mercier O Ripeka. 'Alamein’s Encore: Entertainment, Information, Reflection and Intimacy in the DVD Commentary of Boy.' New Zealand Journal of Media Studies. 13(1): 29-39 (2012) Print Version Available here: Alamein's Encore pdf198KB
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  • Mercier, O.R., Asmar, C., Page, S. 'An Academic Occupation: Mobilisation, Sit-in, Speaking Out and Confrontation in the Experiences of Māori Academics. Australian Journal of Indigenous Education. 40(11): 81-91 (2011).
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  • Mercier, O.R., 'Indigenous knowledge and science. A new representation of the interface between Indigenous and Eurocentric ways of knowing', He Pukenga Korero, 8, 2, (2007), pp. 20-28.
  • Mercier, O.R., Buckley, R.G., Trodahl, H.J., Bernhard, C., Balakrishnan, B.G., 'Low energy excitations in La1.2Sr1.8Mn2O7. investgated by ellipsometry', Physical Review B, 72 (2005), 2144370-1.5.
  • Mercier, O.R., Hunter, M.W., Callaghan, P.T., 'Brine diffusion in first year sea ice measured by Earth's field PGSE - NMR', Cold Regions Science and Technology, 42, December (2005), pp.96-105.

Current responsibilites


  • Postgraduate Coordinator for Te Kawa a Māui
  • Member of Victoria University of Wellington Human Ethics Committee
  • Member of edX programme reference group
  • Member of Intellectural Property steering committee
  • Member of Toihuarewa
  • Co-editor of Te Kāhui Kura Māori online journal.


  • Co-editor of MAI Journal
  • Ako Aotearoa Central Hub Advisory Group member
  • Faculty Affiliate at University of Alaska Fairbanks.


Teaching in 2019