A unique opportunity for Victoria to partner with iwi and other Māori stakeholders.

Victoria Taihonoa Scholarships

Taihonoa Scholarships offer a unique opportunity for iwi and other Māori stakeholders, to match dollar-for-dollar, a contribution by Victoria for scholarships/awards to their students attending Victoria University. These scholarships are an opportunity for iwi and other Māori entities to leverage their scholarship dollar and increase their support for their students at Victoria University.

Victoria University of Wellington is committed to building long term and mutually beneficial relationships with iwi and other Māori groups. Victoria wants to increase the participation and success of Māori students at our University across all disciplines and at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. For many of our students, financial difficulty is a major hurdle to overcome and, as such, Victoria is always exploring ways to increase our scholarship offerings to Māori.

What’s involved?

The iwi or Māori group determines the amount of funding they wish to contribute to a scholarship pool and Victoria will match this.
Victoria University can provide all of the application, advertising and administrative support through its Scholarships Office at no cost.

What is it worth and what for?

The iwi or Māori group determines the number and nature of the scholarships as well as their value. For example, these may be fees or accommodation scholarships. The iwi or Māori group also determines the subjects and programmes of study it wishes to target to match their current strategic priorities. Victoria University can assist with structuring the scholarships to best suit your needs.

Selection and eligibility

Successful applicants are determined by the iwi or Māori group alone or with the support of Victoria University representatives. Any successful students for such scholarships must be enrolled at Victoria University.

Whakapā mai

If you are interested in being a participating iwi or Māori group in this scholarship programme, please contact Paul Meredith, 04 463 5222 or paul.meredith@vuw.ac.nz, so we can further discuss this opportunity.

The following are examples of the level of scholarships that can be offered. Fee costs are variable depending on the type of qualification and discipline the student is enrolled in and are subject to annual increments. Scholarships can be tailored to your requirements and the following provides some guidance around the different levels of scholarship resourcing:

Type of Scholarship $ pa (range)
Undergraduate Grant
Fees (Bachelors) $5.3 – 7.9K
Accommodation at Halls of Residence $5.7-14.5K
Postgraduate Honours Grant $1-5K
Honours Fees $7.3-9k
Masters Stipend Up to $15K
Masters Fees $6.8-9K
PhD Stipend $23.5-27.5K
PhD Fees $6.8-9K
Summer Research Scholarships Grant $6-7K*

*Some conditions apply to the Summer Research Scholarships