Mai i te Iho ki te Pae

How we meet our obligations and responsibilities under the Treaty of Waitangi.

Outcomes Framework

The strategic outcomes framework, Mai i te Iho ki te Pae, has been developed by the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Māori) and is a resource to help us link what we do (activities) with what we want to achieve (outcomes). 

There is an expectation that faculties, schools and CSUs will be able to use this document in the formulation of their own strategic and operational plans to enhance outcomes not only for Māori at Victoria but for the wider University as well. The integration of these key strategic documents in this framework builds on our identity as Victoria.  It is premised on the Māori values identified in Victoria's Strategic Plan to promote a Victoria community that enables a collective impact approach. We will build on our iho, as Māori at Victoria, and extend beyond the pae.

If you would like assistance with embedding Mai i te Iho ki te Pae in your operational plans please email the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Māori) via