Other te reo Māori resources

There are many other resources available to assist you incorporate te reo Māori into your work and studies.

The Māori Language Commission/Te Taura Whiri i Te Reo Māori provides more information about orthographic conventions for te reo Māori, for example, the guidelines for Māori Language Orthography.

For help with correction pronunciation of Māori words, try:

In addition, courses about te reo Māori are offered at Victoria via:

Kura for Android

Learn Māori via Kura, a fun gaming app. Designed by lecturers at Victoria University, this free app is useful for those who have some proficiency in Māori language and wish to gain more.

Māori dictionary

A comprehensive dictionary that also contains examples of usage and grammatical explanations.

Tōku Reo—language learning series

Language learning podcasts use online tests and downloadable videos. Full podcasts include native speakers, role-play and visual learning aides.