Rays of Sounds

This website was born out of the determination of Victoria University of Wellington's Language Learning Centre to save some older, but valuable stories and songs on tape and make them more accessible for everyone to enjoy. After securing permission from the copyright holders for digitisation, we created this website and embedded the audio material for online streaming. The result is a digital audio-book shelf which breathes new life into precious, but long-underused resources.

Books at the LLC

The books corresponding to the audio on this website on this website are all available at Victoria University of Wellington's Language Learning Centre. The callmark [MAOR.LAN.3699.B/6] indicated under each title links to the University's library catalogue and indicate the location of the related book.


Victoria University staff have made all reasonable effort to contact copyright holders credited on this website and to seek their permission for streaming the audio recordings and displaying the illustrative images for which they hold copyright. If you are a copyright holder that we have not managed to find or contact and would not like your work to appear on this website, please let us know and we will remove it.

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