About this site

Welcome to this NZSL study resource. The website is designed to provide students in NZSL101 with independent language practice. Exercises and information in the 12 lessons reinforce weekly teaching. Completing one lesson per week is expected as coursework in NZSL101, and is an important way to consolidate in-class learning.

Lesson numbers (found in the dropdown menus**) correspond approximately to weeks of the trimester. In each lesson you will find practice exercises for vocabulary, phrases, dialogues and other items such as fingerspelling and number practice, and grammar information. It is recommended that you do tasks in the order presented. Follow the instructions at the top of each exercise. Remember to check your scores as you go.

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This resource was created by Sara Pivac Alexander, Rachel McKee, Mark Berry and David McKee of Deaf Studies at the School of Linguistics and Applied Languages, and by Edith Paillat of the Language Learning Centre
The signers are Mark Berry and Sonia Pivac.

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