A Sunday Drive

Watch Ricki's story and fill in the gaps.

The with his two are to go to the park. The two got in the of the car. The grandfather the car and put in to get out of the driveway. "Ok, you two?" asked the grandfather. "" the in the back replied. While they were driving along the road, the grandfather up. When he saw the lights turn red ahead, he down stopping at the lights. He turned on the to turn and waited for the light before . He drove off. They went through a tunnel, passed a flash , and came out of the tunnel. They crossed a over the below. Then the started to feel and thirsty and asked the grandfather to . "". The grandfather . They got out and stretched. The escaped to play but the grandfather asked them to carry the things from the of the car to the park. They set up a picnic to eat and drink. The went out to in the park and the grandfather peacefully.