Watch Victoria's story and fill in the gaps.

There was a couple who had been for a long time. They knew very well, and often . One day while her husband was out, the wife had . She thought to herself, “I’ll make some ”. So she got out a large pot, added all the ingredients, and stirred it on the stove. Now, the wife was feeling rather with her husband that day, and she decided to play a trick on him. She added lots of to the soup and stirred it in well. When her husband arrived home, she greeted him cheerfully and continued stirring the soup. She decided she had better the soup to see how it tasted, before him. When she took a sip, the soup was so it brought tears to her eyes and she began to cry. Her husband looked at her, puzzled, and asked “” The wife said through her tears, “Oh, my poor is and gone”, and continued . The husband was a little , but just shrugged it off. His wife then dished out some soup and gave it to him, hiding her amusement. He began to eat the soup, and before long his eyes were also burning and tears ran down his face. His wife asked him, “”. The man sobbed back, “Your is dead and gone. But you’re and !”