Welcome to Te Pūtahi Reo, the Language Learning Centre at Victoria University. Discover our wide range of resources to help you learn your chosen language.

We can help you study more than 70 different languages including all the languages taught at Victoria as well as English.

The LLC is free for Victoria students and staff, including Continuing Education and Confucius Institute students. Members of the public are also welcome for a small fee.

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Make use of our resources to help you learn a language. Find links, language learning tips and discover what spaces our centre offers.

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  • Chocolate birthday cake

    LLC 50th Birthday Party

    Last week the LLC celebrated its 50th birthday. During its first half century, the Centre has supported many thousands of students in learning a range of languages.

  • Tidbits from the LLC's 50-year history

    The LLC is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. The first language laboratory was established at 30 Kelburn Parade in 1967 (one of its spaces is pictured below). Here are some interesting facts from half a century of language learning.