VicTeach Events 2013

3 May

Introduction and Teaching With Technology

7 June

Technology & Research related to Large Class teaching 

session recordings:
Use of technology for Large Class Teaching
Evaluation and student feedback in large 100-level classes
Notes: Best-practice on how to use a document camera by John Prebble

5 July

Use of Video for teaching/ flipped classrooms

This is one long recording with several connected presentations. If you are interested in a specific presenter, you can jump to:

0 mins: Suzanne Boniface - introduction and promotion of upcoming events
4 mins: Steve Cochran & Warren Butcher from Images Services, ITS
23 mins: Rebecca Priestley, use of video in Science in Context online courses
31 mins: Suzanne Boniface; use of video for lab preparation
37 mins: Kevin Gould; flipped teaching - big picture
48 mins: Matthias Lein; reporting from the first year of flipped teaching

The sections after each speaker contain Q&As that are especially hard to hear. Please consult the notes therefore for more details on those conversations. Link to supporting information on VStream.

2 August

Idea Exchange

This is one long recording with several connected presentations. If you are interested in a specific presenter, jump to the following times. These are also noted in the bookmarks of the presentation.

Some Thoughts on Digital Tools and Challenges in Humanities Teaching
Stephen Epstein, School of Languages and Culture [presentation: 1 - 11 mins, discussion: 11 - 21 mins]

Music in Lectures and Examinations to Promote Right-Brain Activity
John Prebble, Professor of Law, VUW [presentation: 27 - 40 mins, discussion: 40 - 48 mins]

Graduate attributes: Signposts and simulations in science courses
Diane Ormsby, School of Biological Sciences [presentation: 48 - 57 mins, discussion: 57 mins - 01:06]

Skills Training for Doctoral students: Online, Self-Service, Self-Help Modules
Lizzie Towl, Faculty of Graduate Research [presentation:  01:07 - 1:15 , discussion: 1:15 - end]

6 September

Use of technology in the lab

4 October

Exploring options for online and remote learning

This session started with a brief overview of remote courses that are currently being delivered by staff at Victoria.
It was followed by a presentation by Dr Jennie Swann, from AUT University.

1 November

Up close and personal: social media in the wired classroom

6 December

Innovation with Blackboard

Making the most of the Library inside Blackboard
Research into use of Blackboard - Irina Elgort
Lightning Tours of Blackboard use at VUW
Liz Jones - Teaching in Two Worlds?