Volume 46, Issue 3

Issue in Honour of Professor Bill Atkin

Tony Angelo, Geoff McLay and Bevan Marten


Tony Angelo, Geoff McLay and Bevan Marten

Bill Atkin: Colleague, Mentor, Teacher, Friend

Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC

Tribute to a Law Teacher with a Heart and a Social Conscience

Judge Peter Boshier

Celebrating 40 Years of Professor Bill Atkin

Mark Henaghan and Ruth Ballantyne

Bill Atkin: A Fierce Defender of Children's Rights and Proponent of Child-Focused Legislation

Patrick Parkinson

Forty Years of Family Law: A Retrospective

Andrew Bainham and Stephen Gilmore

The English Children and Families Act 2014

Margaret Briggs

Rethinking Relationships

Nina Dethloff

Changing Family Forms: Challenges for German Law

Nigel Lowe

Some Moot Points on the 1980 Hague Abduction Convention

Elisabeth McDonald

Intersex People in Aotearoa New Zealand: The Challenges for Law and Social Policy: Part I: Critiquing Gender Normalising Surgery

Nicola Peart

Life beyond Death: Regulating Posthumous Reproduction in New Zealand

Jens M Scherpe

Quo Vadis, Civil Partnership?

Graeme W Austin

The Guts of a Torts Class

Richard Gaskins

The Enigma of Community Responsibility: Ethical Reflections on Accident Compensation

Hon Justice David Collins

The Dilemma Caused by Delusional Defendants

Erwin Deutsch

Controlled Clinical Trials with Doping Substances in Sports Law

RP Boast QC

The Omahu Affair, the Law of Succession and the Native Land Court

PG McHugh

The Crown's Relationship with Tribal Peoples and the Legal Dynamics for the Resolution of Historical and Contemporary Claims

Māmari Stephens

"To Work out their own Salvation": Māori Constitutionalism and the Quest for Welfare

Tony Angelo, Jessica Kerr and Bayley Roylance

A Time to Dance

Mark Bennett

Harvey v Beveridge: Common Intention Constructive Trusts in New Zealand?

Mario Patrono and Justin O Frosini

Two Grand Old Ladies Face to Face: The United Kingdom and the United States of America Constitutions Compared

John Prebble and Hamish McIntosh

Predication: The Test For Tax Avoidance in New Zealand From Newton to Ben Nevis

Bill Atkin

Publications 1976–2015