Volume 44, Issue 3/4

60th Anniversary Issue

Nessa Lynch

Editorial Note

ATH Smith


Graeme W Austin

Introduction: A Scholarly Snapshot

AH Angelo and Ashleigh Allan

Common Law Equity in a Civil Law Country

Bill Atkin

The Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988 – Update and Reflections

Mark Bennett

Leaving the Hart-Fuller Debate and Reclaiming Fuller: Form, Agency, and Morality in Kristen Rundle's Forms Liberate

Petra Butler and Roderick Mulgan

Can Academic Freedom Survive Performance Based Research Funding?

Joel Colón-Ríos

Beyond Parliamentary Sovereignty and Judicial Supremacy: The Doctrine of Implicit Limits to Constitutional Reform in Latin America

Carwyn Jones

Māui And The People Of The North

Nessa Lynch

A Statutory Vetting Scheme for the Children's Workforce in New Zealand: Rights, Responsibilities And Parameters

Bevan Marten

Port State Jurisdiction in New Zealand: The Problem with Sellers

Elisabeth McDonald

Why so Silent on the Right to Silence? Missing Matters in the Review of the Evidence Act 2006

David McLauchlan

"Frustration" in the Court of Appeal

Grant Morris

Devils Down Under: Perceptions of Lawyers' Ethics in New Zealand Fiction

John Prebble, Julia Caldwell and Amelia Keene

Using the Social Science Research Network to Aid and to Promote Research

Caroline Sawyer

The Loss of Birthright Citizenship in New Zealand


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Issue 4

Rt Hon Sir Ivor Richardson

Legal Problems of Inflation

David Neild

Vicarious Liability and the Employment Rationale