Volume 30, Issue 2

Centennial Issue: Historical Retrospective

Geoff McLay, Louise Moreland, Melanie Smith

Historical Preface

R O McGechan

Foreword to the First VUCLR



Geoff McLay

Toward a History of New Zealand Legal Education

Maurice W Richmond

Lawyers and the Public

J Adamson

The University and the Profession

R O McGechan

The Profession and the Teaching of the Law

Lord Cooke of Thorndon

Tribute to Dr James Williams

R O McGechan

A New Zealander's Comments on American Legal Education

R O McGechan

The Case Method of Teaching Law

Allison Dunham

Legal Education: Why Should a Lawyer Study Arts in a University?

Allison Dunham

An American Looks at Legal Education in New Zealand

I D Campbell

Legal Writing

J C Thomas

A Modest Programme for the Improvement of Law Teaching

E P Ellinger and K J Keith

Legal Research: Techniques and Ideas


A H Angelo


Sir Kenneth Keith

Removing the Causes of War, Mitigating its Horrors, and Settling International Disputes Peacefully

Professor John Salmond

If Germany came to New Zealand

Hon Sir John Salmond

Must Abolish Racial Hate to Insure Lasting Peace

C C Aikman

Law in the World Community

C C Aikman, J W Davidson, J B Wright

Report to the Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Cook Islands on Constitutional Development

Alison Quentin-Baxter

Human Rights and Decolonisation

R Q Quentin-Baxter

The United Nations Human Rights Commission and the Search for Measures of Implementation

R Q Quentin-Baxter

Second Report to the Niue Island Assembly on the Constitutional Development of Niue

Alison Quentin-Baxter

Niue's Relationship of Free Association with New Zealand

Dr G P Barton QC

Legal Resource Needs in Small States


Richard Boast

Maori and Law

Richard C Maclaurin

On the Nature and Evidence of Title to Realty

R P Boast

F O V Acheson and Maori Customary Law

F O V Acheson

The Ancient Maori System of Land Tenures