Volume 40, Issue 1

Iain Byrne


Petra Butler

Protecting Human Rights in the Pacific

Freda Talao

Papua New Guinea: Country Report on Human Rights

Tina Takashy

Federated States of Micronesia: Country Report on Human Rights

Jennifer Corrin

Australia: Country Report on Human Rights

Natalie Baird, Justice Susan Glazebrook, and Sasha Holden

New Zealand: Country Report on Human Rights

Felipe González

The Experience of the Inter-American Human Rights System

Sou Chiam

Asia's Experience in the Quest for a Regional Human Rights Mechanism

Jacques Frémont

Legal Pluralism, Customary Law and Human Rights in Francophone African Countries

Kevin Boyle

The European Experience: The European Convention on Human Rights

P Imrana Jalal

Why do we Need a Pacific Regional Human Rights Commission?

Kathryn Hay

A Pacific Human Rights Mechanism: Specific Challenges and Requirements

Natalie Baird and Valmaine Toki

An Indigenous Pacific Human Rights Mechanism: Some Building Blocks

Unasa L F Vaá

Samoan Custom and Human Rights: An Indigenous View

Andrew Byrnes, Andrea Durbach and Catherine Renshaw

Implementing Human Rights in the Pacific through National Human Rights Institutions: The Experience of Fiji

Joy Liddicoat

Human Rights Mechanisms in Small Pacific States: Implications for Dialogue about Regional Human Rights Mechanisms

Justice Susan Glazebrook

Human Rights and the Environment

Sarah Joseph

Human Rights and the WTO: Issues for the Pacific

Tim René Salomon

A Balancing Act: Modern Equality vs Traditional Nobility in Tonga

Sue Farran

Land as a Fundamental Right: a Cautionary Tale

Catherine Harwood

Book Review: Human Rights in the South Pacific – Challenges and Changes

Outcome Statements

Strategies for the Future: Protecting Human Rights in the Pacific, Apia, Samoa, 27-29 April 2008 Final Statement

Regional Workshop on the Establishment of National Human Rights Mechanisms in the Pacific: Aims and Outcomes

Samoa Declaration