Volume 39, Issue 4

Issue to celebrate Professor A H Angelo

Bill Atkin, Petra Butler, Alberto Costi and Geoff McLay

Foreword: Honouring Anthony Angelo's Contribution

G P Barton QC

Anthony Angelo

Sir Ivor Richardson

Anthony Angelo and Law Reform in Mauritius

Peter McKenzie QC

A Shared Commercial Legal Heritage – Reflections on Commercial Law Reform in Former British Colonies and Dependencies

Campbell McLachlan QC

Anthony Angelo and the Comparative Law Tradition

Sue Farran

Tony Angelo and the University of the South Pacific

Andrew Townend

From a Tokotoko: Pacific Travels with Professor Angelo

Yves-Louis Sage

Observations sur la Situation Politique de la Polynésie Française au Travers de Quelques Principes de Bonne Gouvernance Enoncés par le PNUD 1997 et le Pacific Plan 2006-15

Alison Quentin-Baxter

The New Zealand Model of Free Association: What Does it Mean for New Zealand?

Jennifer Corrin

Discarding Relics of the Past: Patriation of Laws in the South Pacific

Fran Wright

Certainty and Ascertainability of Criminal Law After the Pitcairn Trials

Petra Butler

Margin of Appreciation – A note Towards a Solution for the Pacific?

Ingeborg Schwenzer

Force Majeure and Hardship in International Sales Contracts

Mario Patrono

L'Europa Cinquanta Anni Dopo

Kichimoto Asaka

Common Law Education in Japan: Past, Present, and Future

Luke Nottage

The Cultural (Re)Turn In Japanese Law

Katharina Boele-Woelki

To be, or not to be: Enhanced Cooperation in International Divorce Law within the European Union

Bill Atkin

The Legal World of Unmarried Couples: Reflections on "De Facto Relationships" in Recent New Zealand Legislation

Nicola Peart

The Property (Relationships) Amendment Act 2001: A Conceptual Change

Alberto Costi

The 60th Anniversary of the Genocide Convention