Volume 36, Issue 4

Law of the Sea - Symposium Editor - Joanna Mossop

Joanna Mossop

Future Directions in the Law of the Sea: An Introduction

David Leary and Anshuman Chakraborty

New Horizons in the Law of the Sea

Rosemary Rayfuse

The Future of Compulsory Dispute Settlement Under The Law of the Sea Convention

Andrew Serdy

The Paradoxical Success of UNCLOS Part XV: A Half-hearted Reply to Rosemary Rayfuse

Dr Laurence Cordonnery

Implementing the Pacific Islands Regional Ocean Policy: How Difficult is it Going to Be?

Rachel Baird

CCAMLR Initiatives to Counter Flag State Non-Enforcement in Southern Ocean Fisheries

Joanna Mossop

When is a Whale Sanctuary Not a Whale Sanctuary? Japanese Whaling in Australian Antarctic Maritime Zones

CISG - Symposium Editor - Petra Butler

Petra Butler

Celebrating Anniversaries

Peter Schlechtriem

Requirements of Application and Sphere of Applicability of the CISG

Ingeborg Schwenzer

The Danger of Domestic Pre-Conceived Views with Respect to the Uniform Interpretation of the CISG: The Question of Avoidance in the Case of Non-Conforming Goods and Documents

Nicholas Whittington

Comment on Professor Schwenzer's paper

Luke Nottage

Who's Afraid of the Vienna Sales Convention (CISG)? A New Zealander's View from Australia and Japan

Rajeev Sharma

The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods: The Canadian Experience

Meredith Kolsky Lewis

Comments on Luke Nottage's Paper

Book Reviews

David Brown

Principles Of Contemporary Corporate Governance

Joanna Mossop

Dispute Settlement in the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea

Tane Waetford

Ngā Tai Matatā: Tides of Māori Endurance