Volume 33, Issues 3 and 4

David Carter



Matthew Palmer

A Perspective on Balance and the Role of Law

Dame Silvia Cartwright

Opening Address

Part One - Public Law

Caroline Morris

"Remember the Ladies": a Feminist Perspective on Bills of Rights

Claire Charters

Emerging Constitutional Strategies

Lord Lester QC

The Magnetism of the Human Rights Act 1998

Cheryl Saunders

Protecting Rights in Common Law Constitutional Systems; a Framework for a Comparative Study

Andrew Butler

Limiting Rights

Mereana Hond

Resort to Mediation in Maori to Maori Dispute Resolution: is it the Elixir to Cure All Ills?

Mason Durie

Universal Provision, Indigeneity and the Treaty of Waitangi

Judge Carrie Wainwright

"Maori Representation Issues and the Courts"

Cathy Iorns Magallanes

Making Comments on Making Constitutions

Sir Geoffrey Palmer

The Hazards of Making Constitutions: Some Reflections on Comparative Constitutional Law

Alison Quentin-Baxter

Making Constitutions, From the Perspective of a Constitutional Adviser

Alex Frame

Lawyers and the Making of Constitutions: Making Constitutions in the South Pacific: Architects and Excavators

Sir John Wallace

Reflections on Constitutional and Other Issues Concerning our Electoral System: the Past and the Future

Part Two - Commercial Matters

John Prebble

Collecting Taxes

Geoff Harley

Collecting Taxes

Rob McLeod

Collecting Taxes

Susy Frankel


Douglas White QC

Facilitating and Regulating Commerce

Alan Galbraith QC

Facilitating and Regulating Commerce – the Court Process

Bob Dugan and Benedict Dugan

The Internet and the Law

Gordon Anderson

Employment Law: The Richardson Years

Jack Hodder

Employment Contracts, Implied Terms and Judicial Law-Making

Toogood QC

Facilitating and Regulating Employment Kit

Part Three - Judicial Issues

Kate Tokeley

Trends in Statutory Interpretation and the Judicial Process

John Burrows

The Changing Approach to the Interpretation of Statutes

Victoria Heine

Institutional Unity vs Freedom of Expression: A Dissent Analysis of the  Richardson Courts

John McGrath

Reading Legislation and Ivor Richardson Justice

Petra Butler

Limiting Rights

Justice Gault

Whose Day in Court is it Anyway?

Dame Sian Elias

"Reflections on Appellate Leadership"


Justice Kenneth Keith

Concerning Choice  

George Barton QC

Dinner Speech

Published Bibliography Sir Ivor Richardson