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Volume 50, Issue 1

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  • Digitisation, Copyright and the Glam Sector: Constructing a Fit-For-Purpose Safe Harbour Regime
    Samuel Coad
  • A Principled Approach to Defamation Claims in New Zealand: Untangling the Harm Threshold
    Emma Croskery
  • Virtual Indecent Assault: Time for the Criminal Law to Enter the Realm of Virtual Reality
    Joshua Hansen
  • Causation in Section 15 of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976:  Analysing the New Zealand Supreme Court's "Working Assumption"  – Is It Really Working?
    Tasneem Haradasa
  • Private Prosecutions in New Zealand – A Public Concern?  
    Anna Louise Prestidge
  • Addressing the Gap: Accountability Mechanisms for Peacekeepers Accused of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
    Jayden van Leeuwen