Regulations Review Committee Digest

The Regulations Review Committee Digest, first published in 2004, provides a general overview of the role and functioning of the Regulations Review Committee, and synthesises its work into a single, readily accessible source. The primary aim of the Digest is to summarise the Committee's jurisprudence concerning the nine Standing Order grounds under which it may draw regulations to the attention of the House. In addition, it summarises the Committee's jurisprudence concerning general matters regarding regulations developed in its occasional reports.

The current version of the Digest is as follows:

Dean R Knight and Edward Clark, Regulations Review Committee Digest (6th ed, New Zealand Centre for Public Law, 2016).

The Digest is also available in pdf: The Digestpdf2.4MB

Regulations Review Committee reports

As part of this project, in addition to the publication of the Digest, this site publishes a list of all the reports of the Regulations Review Committee, with links to the original reports (update to May 2015).