Grant Morris

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Associate Professor Faculty of Law


Teaching in 2019

Research interests

Legal history, Treaty of Waitangi issues, Jurisprudence esp law and literature, Dispute Resolution, Legal Education


BA (Hons), LLB (Hons), PhD Waik, LTCL


Grant joined the Faculty of Law in 2002. His research and teaching specialty areas include New Zealand legal history, negotiation and mediation, and law and literature. Grant is the recipient of a Victoria University ‘Excellence in Teaching’ Award.

Areas of supervision

  • Legal History
  • Negotiation and Mediation
  • Law and Literature

Current research

  • History of the NZ legal profession
  • Styles of mediation and negotiation in the NZ legal system
  • The NZ commercial mediation market

Selection of publications

Prendergast: Legal Villain? (Victoria University Press, Wellington, 2014).

Law Alive: The New Zealand Legal System in Context (3rd ed, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2015).

"Devils Down Under: Perceptions of Lawyers' Ethics in New Zealand Fiction" (2013) 44 (3/4) Victoria University of Wellington Law Review pp 609-630 SSRN.

"Towards a history of mediation in New Zealand’s legal system" (2013) 24 Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal pp 86-101 SSRN.

More publications

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Teaching in 2019