Learning to master international trade

With Brexit, the Trump administration and the Trans-Pacific Partnership taking shape, Masina Taulapapa says it’s the perfect time to be studying Victoria’s new Master of International Trade.

Masina Taulapapa

Masina was prompted to enrol in the one-year Master’s course to enhance her knowledge and skillset. She already has Bachelor of Arts in Art History and International Relations, and a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business from Victoria, but considered the course would complement her work at the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

“The course is making me acutely aware of New Zealand’s place in the world. We are able to look at and discuss the rapidly changing political climate as it unfolds.

“New Zealand is dependent on international trade. It influences everything, and has a trickle-down effect on domestic policy.”

Masina says the course is “challenging, but in a good way”. She particularly enjoys having lecturers from across four faculties and guest speakers who are able to give different perspectives.

The course includes daytime and evening lectures and this year’s class is a mix of full-time students and working professionals who like Masina, are looking to upskill and expand their knowledge.

The multi-disciplinary course includes a number of postgraduate courses from the Commerce, Law, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences faculties.

Course co-ordinator Professor Susy Frankel, who teaches International Trade and Intellectual Property, says the multi-disciplinary structure gives students the broad base of knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge in discussions, debates and problem-solving.

“There are some complex questions in this field that raise legal, political and economic issues. They cannot be effectively and practically addressed through the lens of one discipline.

“As well as gaining a broad knowledge of the main principles of international trade, students gain a keen awareness of the social, economic, political and cultural contexts in which international trade operates.”

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