Research students

Meet our current research students at the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, and find out what their research topics are.

Current research students within the School and their respective thesis topics are listed below in alphabetical order. The summary of their dissertation is on the linked page, if available.

Find similar information about past students on our recent research students page.

Dominique Vola Ambinintsoa Razafindratsimba

Promoting learner autonomy in a Malagasy EFL context.

Stuart Benson

Vocabulary and Rugby.

Alexandra Birchfield

Variation and change in restrictive relative clauses in Auckland English.

Thi Bich Thuy Bui

Intermediate EFL learners’ uptake of multi-word units through awareness-raising approaches.

Thuy's abstract

Trang Le Diem Bui

The communicativeness of activities in primary school classrooms in Vietnam.

Xin Chen

Learning strategies on morphological processing.

Muthita (Fai) Chinpakdee

Developing Learner Autonomy in a writing classroom: A study in Thai EFL context.

Shannon Couper

The power of pleasure: contributions from embodied sociolinguistics.

Hao Thi Thanh Dao

Task-based language teaching in promoting Vietnamese non English major students' communicative competence.

Shelley Dawson

Identity co-construction in study abroad contexts: Exploring the significance of periods of transition.

Shelley's abstract

Vy Doan Lan

The use of mind mapping and outlining as self-regulated pre-writing techniques to improve low proficiency ESL students in Vietnam.

Lingli Du

Processing of formulaic expressions.

Darren Flavelle

A grammar of ‘Oroha.

Amy Giles-Mitson

The use of sustained restorative dialogue as a means of understanding and combating sexual harm on campus.

Emily Greenbank

Negotiating employability: Refugee-background students in New Zealand.

Trang Ngoc (Anna) Hoang

Investigating opportunities for developing teacher leadership and critical thinking skills in a teacher education programme in Vietnam.

Brittany Hoback

Banam Bay language: documentation and endangered language maintenance.

Aynur Ismayilli Karakoc

Validation of integrated writing assessment

Erandi Kithulgoda

An analysis of genres in management and IT disciplines.

Paweena Jaruteerapan

An investigation of the emerging understandings and practices of task-based language teaching (TBLT) by Thai EFL student teachers.

Paweena's abstract

Shang Jiang

Processing of formulaic language in L1 and L2.

Juliet Kennedy

Pasifika heritage language education in NZ secondary schools.

Hong Phuong Thao Le

Storytelling and Teaching English to Young Learners: a Vietnamese case study.

Kai (Kevin) Liu

Ideologies and identity construction in online reader comments: A post-structuralist perspective.

Naheen Madarbakus

Exploring listening comprehension through strategy-based instruction in TED Talks.

Elvenna Majuddin

The effects of captioning on the acquisition of multiword units.

Miriam Malthus

Identity construction around public health matters on social media.

Nurul Aini Mohd Jelani

The effects of context variation on incidental acquisition of secondary meanings.

Iwan Munandar

An exploratory study of cognition in culture-in-language of Indonesian high school EFL teachers.

Loc Tan Nguyen

EFL pronunciation instruction practices at a Vietnamese tertiary institution.

Loc's abstract

Thi My Hang Nguyen

Examining ESL/ EFL learners' knowledge of academic collocations.

Mohammed Nofal

Linguistic and cultural maintenance within the Wellington Indian community.

Taha Omidian

Disciplinary variation in academic writing: The use of academic words and formulae in the research article genre.

Alice Patrick

Exploring the beliefs and practices of non-Māori primary school teachers – to inform the development of materials that can support the teaching and learning of Māori language in English medium classrooms: He waka eke noa.

Dao Thi Anh Pham

Problems of coherence in Vietnamese EFL students' writing and an intervention to improve them.

Ha Thi Phuong Pham

The sequence of face-to-face and technology-enhanced peer review and L2 writing.

Say Phonekeo

Developing EFL Learners' Reading Comprehension through Cultivating a Culture of Thinking: A case of a public university in Lao PDR.

Pansa Prommas

Metadiscourse in postgraduate writing.

Honiara Salanoa

The communicative competence of Samoan seasonal workers under the Recognised Seasonal Employment (RSE) scheme.

Minh Ngoc Hien Ta

Incorporating culture in English speaking lessons at Vietnam universities.

Haidee Thomson

Developing fluency with multi-word expressions.

Haidee's abstract

Mark Toomer

The effect of learning conditions on lexical and grammatical collocational knowledge.

Thi Ngoc Diep Tran

The assessment of English teachers' language proficiency in Vietnam and its washback effects.

Thi Phuong Thao Tran

Integrating intercultural language teaching into Vietnamese tertiary EFL classes.

Thao's abstract

Olcay Turk

The temporal relationships between gesture, prosody and information structure.

Bianca Vowell

Dialect change in returning Cross-Cultural Kids.

Xinqing (Aileen) Wang

Applying cognitive linguistics to second language vocabulary learning.

Wei (Judy) Wei

The opportunities for vocabulary learning in EFL listening classes in China.

Emma Wollum

Effects of listener age and speaker occupation in the perception of uptalk.

Mengzhu Yan

Focus in Mandarin.