IELTS remark process

Learn about the International English Language Testing System’s remark process.

Enquiry on Results

Candidates must apply for an enquiry on results (EOR) within six weeks of the test (see table below).

The test papers are sent to a senior IELTS examiner for an independent remark. Please note it can take 2 to 21 days to process a remark.

If your remark is successful, we will issue you a new Test Report Form (TRF) provided you have returned your original TRF to us. Your marks will either stay the same or increase. Your marks will not change if the senior examiner rates you lower than the original examiner.

Deadlines for Enquiry on Results (2019)

Test DateEOR Deadline
May 11June 21
June 1July 12
July 6
August 16
July 27September 6
August 24
(Academic Only)
September 27
September 7
October 11
September 28November 8
October 12November 22
November 23January 3
December 7January 17


The EOR fee is NZ$195. It is the same price for both a full remark (all four modules) and a partial remark (any one module or combination of modules). If there is an increase in any band score, your full fee will be refunded.

EOR Application Process

  1. Fill in the EOR request form.
  2. Submit EOR form  to the IELTS Administrator (via email, post or in person).
  3. The IELTS Administrator will send you an online payment link.
  4. Make online payment.