Rolando Coto

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Research interests

Rolando is a lecturer in Sociophonetics at Victoria University of Wellington, where he works in the LALS and the Statistics departments. He has 7 years of experience working with language documentation, revitalization and technology with communities in Arizona, Mexico, Bolivia and Costa Rica. He also works applying natural language processing techniques such as forced alignment to Indigenous languages.

Selected publications

Coto-Solano, R. (2017). Tonal reduction and literacy in Me'phaa Vátháá. Doctoral dissertation, University of Arizona. URL:

Coto-Solano, R.; Molina-Muñoz, A.; García Segura, A. (2016). Correlative Structures in Bribri. University of British Columbia Working Papers in Linguistics 43. URL:

Coto-Solano, R.; Flores, S. (2017). Comparison of Two Forced Alignment Systems for Aligning Bribri Speech. CLEI Electronic Journal, Vol. 20 N° 1. URL: