Rachael Ruegg

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Senior Lecturer School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies


Teaching in 2019

Research interests

Instruction and assessment of writing, Language testing and assessment, English medium instruction


Rachael Ruegg has Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from Victoria University of Wellington. She obtained her Ph.D. in Linguistics from Macquarie University in 2015.

Tertiary Teaching and Research Experience

Rachael taught at Kanda University of International Studies for a period of four years. During this time she co-ordinated the Kanda English Proficiency Test research group and the Advanced Skills research group as well as the Writing Center.

Rachael taught at Akita International University for four and a half years, where she co-ordinated the Academic Achievement Center for four years.

She is currently teaching and co-ordinating the writing programme in the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies.

Selected Publications

Authored books

Miller, P. C., Ruegg, R., Araki, N., Agnello, M. F. & deBoer, M. (2017). The Concise APA Handbook. Charlotte, N.C.: Information Age Publishing.

Journal articles

Ruegg, R. (2015). The influence of assessment of classroom writing on feedback processes and product vs. on product alone. Writing and pedagogy, 7(2-3), 261-277.

Ruegg, R. (2015). An experiment in the ability of raters to evaluate lexis in writing. International Journal of Studies in Applied Linguistics and ELT, 1(1), 38-50.

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Teaching in 2019