Nicky Riddiford

MA (VUW), Dip Ed, Dip Tchg, LTCL (ESL)

Nicky is a Senior ELI teacher and is course coordinator and teacher of the Workplace Communication Programme for Skilled Migrants. She also teaches English for Academic Purposes on the English Proficiency Programme and TESOL Classroom Practice on the Graduate Certificate in TESOL course.

She is a member of the Language in the Workplace Project (LWP) research team and she is currently developing pragmatic training resources that draw on LWP research.

Nicky is involved with several community and professional organizations. As coordinator of the Skilled Migrant Programme she works closely with the Rotary Club of Wellington and the recruitment company, The Johnson Group. She is chairperson of the Wellington Association of Teachers of ESOL (WATESOL) and has a long association with English Language Partners. She is a member of Refugee Services.

Her publications include Workplace Talk in Action – An ESOL Resource, Song Talk - Songs for English Language Learners, research reports on tracking the development of L2 pragmatic competence and on error correction in writing. More details of Nicky’s publications and presentations are available here.

Publications and presentations

View all of publications & presentations by Nicky Riddiford. Nicky plays in a ukulele band: Uke Box