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Professor of Linguistics School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies


Teaching in 2019

Research interests

Language and identity, language variation, language change, gender and language, New Zealand English, language attitudes, Vanuatu languages, language contact.


BA, MA (VUW), PhD (Penn)

I completed my PhD at the University of Pennsylvania in 1997 and since then have held academic positions at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Cornell University, University of Edinburgh and University of Auckland. I have also been a Visiting Professor with Michigan State University, University of Colorado at Boulder, and the University of Agder. In addition, I have taught short workshops on sociolinguistics at a number of other places, including the University of the South Pacific, the University of Western Australia, and with primary and intermediate schools in the UK and New Zealand. I especially welcome invitations to workshop language problems and linguistics with primary and secondary students.

Research interests/areas

My research deals with language variation and change in its broadest perspective. As well as an active research programme investigating variation in situations of language and dialect contact, I have long-standing interests in the ways social ideologies affect language use and perceptions of language users. In particular, I am interested in ideologies of gender and language. My work often combines quantitative methods with qualitative analysis to the mutual benefit of both, I hope.

My current research is mainly focused on variation and change in the Nkep speaking community of Hog Harbour, Vanuatu. This work is supported by a grant from the Endangered Languages Research Project (2010-2014) and involves basic descriptive work on the community's language, with a sociolinguistic perspective on language variation. The community is concerned about language attrition in the face of pressure from Bislama and English. This project is a welcome return to Vanuatu for me: I conducted fieldwork for my PhD in 1994-95 in Santo township and on Malo island, and I have come back to Vanuatu regularly in the years since.

I have other ongoing corpus-based projects looking at language contact/creolisation: one focuses on the creole spoken in Bequia [St Vincent and the Grenadines] (with James Walker, York University, Canada); another focuses on the acquisition of language variation in teenage migrants in Edinburgh and London (with Erik Schleef, University of Manchester).

I am Co-Editor (with Umberto Ansaldo, University of Hong Kong) of the Creole Language Library (John Benjamins). I recently finished editing the second edition of the Handbook of Language, Gender and Sexuality (Wiley-Blackwell) with Susan Ehrlich (York University, Canada). Sue and I are also co-editors of the Language and Sexuality section of the Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality (Wiley-Blackwell).

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Recent publications - books

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Articles and book chapters

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Teaching in 2019