Elizabeth Pearce

BA DipEd Melbourne, L-es-L Paris, MA Monash, PhD Illinois

Teaches syntax and language change; research interests in syntax, Romance languages and Oceanic languages.

Current research projects

Current topics of research are: the Oceanic languages of Malakula, Vanuatu, especially Unua.

PhD supervision

Selected publications

  • Pearce, Elizabeth. 2017. Functional predicates in Unua. Australian Journal of Linguistics. 37: 19-36. DOI: 10.1080/07268602.2016.1217583.
  • Pearce, Elizabeth. In press. Whither Realis marking: Loss and specialization in an Oceanic language. Diachronica 33(1): 67-94.
  • Pearce, Elizabeth. 2015. A Grammar of Unua. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton. [xxx, 577 pages]
  • Pearce, Elizabeth. 2015. Review of Julie Barbour. A Grammar of Neverver. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton. 2012. Te Reo 58: 49-56.
  • Pearce, Elizabeth. 2015. Completing and terminating: On aspect marking in Unua. In The Languages of Vanuatu: Unity and Diversity [Studies in the Languages of Island Melanesia 5], ed. by A. François, S. Schnell and M. Franjieh. Pp. 23-52. Canberra: Asia-Pacific Linguistics.
  • Pearce, Elizabeth. 2013-2014. Deficiency in M`ori phrases. Te Reo 56-57: 35-62.
  • Pearce, E. 2012. Number within the DP: A view from Oceanic. In: Festschrift for Guglielmo Clinque. Ed. by Laura Brugè, Anna Cardinaletti, Giuliana Giusti, Nicola Monaro and Cecilia Poletto. Pp. 81-91. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Pearce, E. 2012. Dual and plural in languages of Vanuatu. Linguistic Typology 16: 191-232.
  • Pearce, E. 2011. Two or three things in Unua noun phrases. In: Morphosyntactic Aspects of Oceanic Languages, ed. by Claire Moÿse-Faurie and Joachim Sabel. Pp. 139-178. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.
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  • Pearce, E. 2010. Irrealis and indefinites in Unua. Oceanic Linguistics 49: 21-43.
  • Pearce, E. 2007. The reflexes of Proto-Oceanic *na in Unua. In Linguistic Description and Linguistic Applications: Studies in Memory of Terry Crowley. Edited by Jeff Siegel, John Lynch and Diane Eades. Pp. 235-337. Amsterdam: Benjamins.
  • Pearce, E. 2003. Phrasal movement within the Māori DP. Digests of Selected Papers Presented at AFLA X. University of Hawai'i at Mänoa. Pp. 41-42.
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  • Pearce, E. 2001. Lexical feature-driven incorporation in two Oceanic languages: Iaai and Fijian. The Linguistic Review. 18: 265-288.
  • Pearce, E. 2001. 'Object agreement and incorporation in Iaai,' in Proceedings of ALS2k, the 2000 Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society. Edited by Keith Allan and John Henderson. Click here to download article (http://als.asn.au).

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