Derek Wallace

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Senior Lecturer School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies


Teaching in 2019

BA(Hons) PhD

Derek Wallace is director of the writing programme (academic and professional writing) in the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies.

Current research projects

Derek's research interests, most of which are interrelated, include:

  • Rhetoric of public policy development
  • Discourses of temporality
  • Techniques for managing the future
  • Discourses of historical interpretation
  • Theory and practice of technology
  • Changes in stylistic and editing conventions
  • Legal discourse

Selected articles

Writing and the management of power: Producing public policy in New Zealand”. In Charles Bazerman and David R. Russell (eds.), Writing selves/writing societies: Research from activity perspectives. Perspectives on writing, 428–482. Fort Collins, Colorado: The WAC Clearinghouse and Mind, Culture, and Activity,

From Future States to Images of Identity Published in foresight, Vol. 9, No. 1, 2007, pp. 26-36, and subsequently the basis for the final two chapters of Governing the Future.

Selection of publications

Governing the futureDerek is the recent author of Governing the Future (Common Ground, 2011) and, with Janet Hughes, Fit to Print: The Writing & Editing Style Guide for Aotearoa New Zealand (Dunmore, 2010).


Teaching in 2019