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Teaching in 2019

BA(Gallaudet), MA(CSUN), PhD(Pittsburgh)

Dr David McKee is Research Director of Deaf Studies Research Unit and Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics. He teaches "Certificate in Deaf Studies: Teaching New Zealand Sign Language" and introductory NZSL courses.

David is Managing Editor of the Online Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language which was launched in June 2011. The project was funded by Tertiary Education Commission for three years (2008-2011).

David has taught and conducted research in USA. In 1992 he and Rachel Locker McKee established and taught New Zealand's first full-time sign language interpreter training course at Auckland University of Technology.

David's main research interests have been in Deaf Studies, including the corpus-based description of New Zealand Sign Language, sociolinguistic variation and NZSL lexicography, and comparative studies of sign languages (American, Australian, British, and New Zealand sign languages). He was consulting editor for the Concise Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language (Bridget Williams Books, 2002).

David is a member of the NZSL Tutors Association, the Deaf History International, and the Wellington Deaf Society .

Past research project

David was involved with an investigation of sociolinguistics variation in NZSL, supported by the Marsden Fund of the Royal Society of NZ. Using quantitative methods, the study examined the relationship between variation in linguistics structures used by NZSL signers, and their social characteristics.

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Teaching in 2019