Loc Nguyen

Loc Nguyen

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Event type: Seminars

20 July 2018 from 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm 20th Jul 2018 4:00pm 20th Jul 2018 5:00pm


Teachers’ and students’ beliefs about corrective feedback on pronunciation in Vietnamese tertiary EFL classes

Loc Nguyen
LALS PhD candidate

What do Vietnamese tertiary EFL teachers and students say about error correction as an approach to pronunciation teaching?

Recent studies have found that many teachers’ pronunciation teaching mainly involved error corrections through listen-and-repeat activities but limited research has been done to investigate if corrective feedback is beneficial to pronunciation learning. This study seeks to examine teachers’ and students’ perceptions and attitudes towards corrective feedback in pronunciation teaching and learning in an EFL context where it has not hitherto been researched: Vietnamese tertiary EFL education.