Information Technology Services

What you can access

When you connect to the wireless network, you have access to the World Wide Web, including all Victoria services usually accessible from the internet (including Blackboard, studentVUW, the library catalogue and the library databases) If you choose to enter the secure area on the wireless network, you will have access to your home drive (H:drive). At the present time wireless printing for students is not available. Wireless is a shared media. This means each Access Point has a fixed amount of bandwidth. You share this with all others connected to the same access point which means at peak use times your access speeds may be compromised. If you think too many people are connected in your area, we advise that you move to another wireless hotspot.

What you need

To connect to the wireless network, you will need a device that has wireless enabled that supports 802.11a, g or n. You also need to be in an area with wireless coverage.


The wireless network is intended to provide access in most public areas.

How to connect

Ensure your wireless connection is enabled. Connect to the victoria wireless network.

Note: You may be prompted that victoria is an unsecured network and asked whether you want to connect anyway. You should accept connect anyway. This warning displays because we do our encryption further into the network so your machine thinks the network is completely unsecured.

When connected, open your browser. You will be redirected to the wireless authentication page. Enter your usual student username and password, (there is no need to prefix your username with student\), choose the student domain and click enter. You will then be directed to the wireless welcome page. Some browsers will open a small “login successful” window with a log-out button. We advise that you minimise this to allow an easy way to log-out later. It is also recommended that you bookmark the welcome page to allow you to easily navigate back to use the secure network or the logout button.

Web Browsing

Click on the “Web Access” icon. You will be directed to the University Homepage. From here you can browse the web as required.

To logout from your web session

In order to logout from your web session, you can either:

- Use the logout window that you minimised earlier.

- Navigate back to the welcome page and use the logout button

- Go to the logout page via the following URL

Still having problems?

Check the FAQ page to see if your question is answered. Although we will do our best to get you connected, ITS do not support privately owned laptops due to the many different configurations and hardware that are available.

Interface (the VUW Computer Club) provides a forum for Wireless users where you can ask questions.