Information Technology Services

ITS Teaching Technology

The Teaching Technology team (formerly AV-Services) provide Victoria University staff and post graduate students with audiovisual technology and support to aid in the presentation and communication of relevant content and information for teaching, learning, research and succesful business outcomes.

Teaching Technology's primary responsibilities are:
  • Maintenance, monitoring and auditing of permanently installed AV technologies within shared teaching and collaboration spaces at the University
  • Provision of portable AV technologies required to support University business needs
  • Training staff in the effective use of all available AV technologies 
  • Support for electronic lecture and presentation recording services
  • Assistance with the planning, management and implementation of AV technology upgrades in shared teaching spaces at the Univeristy 
Key technologies in delivering AV support include:
  • Display devices used for presentations, collaboration and communication e.g. all-in-one mobile display systems, data projectors, document cameras and screens
  • Sound systems to aid in the distribution of sound for listeners e.g. loudspeakers, amplifiers, microphones
  • User interfaces for easy utilisation of AV technology e.g. touch panel controls
  • Communication tools to aid in collaboration and content sharing e.g. presentation recording (VStream service and Personal Capture software), Video Conference (VC) 
  • Remote monitoring, support and control of managed AV systems (provided via AMX RMS)

Most teaching and collaboration spaces throughout the University are equipped with AV technology. Content stored on the locally installed computer, a laptop or compatible device can be displayed using the installed display devices.