Student life

Hear from our students about what life is like as an international student at Victoria University of Wellington. Watch their videos.

Lots of support

International students at Victoria University have support from a dedicated team at the University. The staff at Victoria International are there to help you the whole time—from when you first apply until you graduate.

The Victoria International Students Association (V-ISA) also provides a supportive environment and opportunities to make new friends. Student Deon Teo from Singapore says “V-ISA advocates for international students’ issues and it provides a social platform for international students as well”.

Time to get out and about

Victoria’s year is split into three trimesters. Each trimester has a study break in the middle and exams at the end, with a two- to three- week holiday between trimesters. You can use the holiday to sight-see around New Zealand, fly home to visit or just relax and spend time in Wellington.

Master of Laws student, Laura Rodriguez, from Columbia, says “New Zealand has a good environment for study—really safe and really affordable as well. You can find everything, activities to do, different cultures.”

Lots to do in Wellington

Master of Professional Accounting student, Bessie Lie, from China, enjoys living in Wellington and the activities on offer. “It’s easy to get public transport. Wellington’s close to nature, just a 5-minute drive away and maybe half an hour to walk.”