Student life

Wondering what life is like as an international student at Victoria University of Wellington?

Lots of support

International students at Victoria University have support from a dedicated team at the University. The staff at Victoria International are there to help you the whole time—from when you first apply until you graduate.

Student Alicia Bunge from Germany says “The staff at Victoria International are very supportive of students. And I always found that if I had any questions, I could always go and ask and there would be someone who could help me".

Time to get out and about

Victoria’s year is split into three trimesters. Each trimester has a study break in the middle and exams at the end, with a two- to three- week holiday between trimesters. You can use the holiday to sight-see around New Zealand, fly home to visit or just relax and spend time in Wellington.

Student Cherry Huang from China says "You can see there are lots of cool places around the city, and everything is within walking distance."

Lots to do

These are some of the things our students tell us they love about living in Wellington.

Being able to walk everywhere in the city. Devon says, “You don’t have to take the don’t have to don’t even need a bike.”

The café culture. Anja Wetzlaugk, from Germany, says, “Wellington is very famous for lots of cafés and good coffees. There’s lots to do here and I think it’s just really easy to get along well here," says Anya.

The environment, including the clean air, the clean water and walking on the waterfront. "I kind of like the sound of the ocean,” says student Guyo Gufu, from Kenya.

Lots of cultural activities—music, theatre, cinemas and museums. Malaysian student Ching Ting Ang says, “I love Wellington, because I love music.”

A typical day

Our video shows you what a day in the life of an international student at Victoria is like.