Leading-edge research

Victoria University of Wellington is the top university in New Zealand for research quality. Be part of a vibrant research community and create new knowledge.

We’re top ranked for research quality

Every six years, all New Zealand universities and tertiary organisations are assessed by independent international panels who measure and rank research performance.

The most recent 2018 rankings place Victoria University of Wellington as number one for research quality. The University has retained its top spot for its proportion of academics conducting high-quality research, which was last assessed in 2012.

Make a positive impact

Victoria University of Wellington has a culture of research. We are committed to research excellence and to creating new knowledge for the benefit of society.

Biotechnology PhD student Alistair Brown was surprised at how much freedom was afforded to research students.

“You’re left alone and allowed to explore and discover new things. You’re in uncharted waters and expected to make a contribution to science.”

Join a strong research community

At Victoria University of Wellington, you’ll be part of a vibrant postgraduate community. You will have opportunities to work closely with expert staff and other students.

When Alex Reid came to Victoria University of Wellington to do a Master’s, he quickly felt connected to the Bioscience and wider postgraduate communities at the University.

“I have a strong postgraduate network of friends wider than just my Master’s programme. We support each other. The lecturers are great too, they’re always happy to help.”

Benefit from our connections

Victoria University of Wellington is home to 43 research centres and institutes, each undertaking research to address challenges of national and international concern.

We collaborate with nearly 100 universities worldwide—through staff and student exchange agreements, collaborative research, and strategic partnerships.

You’ll benefit from our strong links to government organisations and influential businesses, many of which have headquarters in Wellington. A number of our researchers are also successful entrepreneurs.

Enjoy scholarships and support

Victoria University of Wellington offers a range of scholarships that support the work of our research students. You will also have the support of a supervisor with expert knowledge in your field.

“My supervisor was fantastic,” says Master of Design Innovation student Sarah Mokhtar. “He made sure I kept on track and didn’t try to bite off too much—or achieve too little. He made sure I was getting the emotional support I needed as well as the research support.”