Student exchange

If you’re a student at a partner university, you can apply to come to Victoria. You’ll pay your normal tuition fees and gain credit towards your home degree.

How it works

We have exchange agreements with more than 100 universities around the world.

To come to Victoria on exchange, you have to be nominated by your home university—if your university is on the list of exchange partners, contact your international office to find out more.

  • Study full time at Victoria for one or two trimesters.
  • Pay your normal tuition fees to your home university.
  • Choose courses from Victoria’s broad range of subjects—discuss your options with your home university to make sure you’ll get credit.

If your home university is not listed, you can apply to do part of your degree at Victoria University of Wellington as a fee-paying Study Abroad student.

Entry requirements

As a minimum you need to have completed at least one year of Bachelor's degree at one of our partner universities, and meet the academic and English language requirements for your country.

When it starts

You can start in Trimester One or Trimester Two – depending on when the courses you’re interested in are offered.

What it costs

You pay your usual tuition fees to your home university.

All exchange students must purchase Victoria University’s preferred insurance policy and pay for this at time of enrolment unless your home university policy has been approved in advance by Victoria International.


Your home university must nominate you before you can apply—contact your university’s International Office to find out how to get nominated.

Find out how to apply, including information on the application process, entry requirements and application form.

Our exchange partners

Information for students looking to do an exchange at Victoria.