Getting course advice

If you need help choosing your courses, you can contact our Course Advice team or your faculty for help.

Your programme will have required courses that you must enrol in. You may also be able to choose some elective courses—this is where course advice can help you select the courses that are right for you and your career goals. Find out more about choosing your courses.

If you receive course advice from the Course Advice team or your faculty, please make sure you enrol in the courses that are recommended to you.

Undergraduate students

All first-year undergraduate students can receive advice on their best study options from the Course Advice team. You can contact the Course Advice team at

Please include the following information in your email to our course advisers:

  • your full name
  • that you will be enrolling as an international student
  • the programme and major as listed in your Offer of Place letter.

If you have been invited to enrol online by the International Admissions team, you can submit a course plan, or a list of your selected courses, to our Course Advice team for review before you submit your online enrolment form. They will help you check your courses and make sure your plan is going to work for your degree or programme.

International students who are eligible to enrol online will be emailed an invitation by the International Admissions team in October (for Trimester 1) or April (Trimester 2) once the enrolment period opens. Invitations will be sent to any new eligible students up until the online enrolment period closes.

Postgraduate students

You’ll need to contact your faculty or school directly for course advice.

International Programme students

You will be emailed a course plan by Victoria International that lists your required courses. If you have any questions about your course plan, contact your faculty or school for course advice.

Study Abroad and exchange students

You will be emailed a list of pre-approved courses that you must enrol in by Victoria International. If you have questions about your pre-approved courses, contact