An unconditional Offer of Place guarantees you entry into your programme of study—but you’ll still need to choose courses and complete your enrolment.

All international students will complete enrolment at International Orientation.

To enrol at the University:

  • you’ll sign up to your courses for the trimester, either in person or online
  • we’ll check your student visa and insurance
  • you’ll pay your tuition fees.

Before you can enrol

To complete your enrolment, you need:

You should get all of these things organised before International Orientation starts. If you need help, you can contact Victoria International.

Choosing your courses

For many students, International Orientation is when you will enrol in your courses. You will need to research which courses you want to enrol in and create a course plan before attending International Orientation.

Each degree or programme has some courses you have to take, called required courses. You must enrol in these courses. Many degrees or programmes also allow you to take elective courses—these are courses you can choose based on what interests you or suits your career goals.

Find out more about choosing your courses or getting course advice.

If you have already enrolled in your courses online, you can change courses once you are fully enrolled and have completed all enrolment steps during International Orientation.

How to enrol in courses

International students can either enrol in courses online or in person. How you’ll enrol depends on what you’re studying and whether you have a conditional or unconditional Offer of Place. All students need to complete enrolment in person during International Orientation.

International students who are eligible to enrol online will be emailed an invitation by the International Admissions team in October (for Trimester 1) or April (Trimester 2) once the enrolment period opens. Invitations will be sent to any new eligible students up until the online enrolment period closes.

Students who need to enrol in person will find out exactly what to do at International Orientation.

Undergraduate students

If you have:

  • an unconditional Offer of Place, you can enrol online
  • a conditional Offer of Place, you must enrol in person during International Orientation
  • been accepted for credit transfer, you must enrol in person during International Orientation.

Postgraduate students

Most postgraduate students will enrol in person during International Orientation. Your courses will need to be approved by your faculty as part of the enrolment process.

A limited number of postgraduate programmes offer online enrolment for international students. If you are studying one of these programmes, you will be emailed an invitation to enrol online by our Admissions team.

Study Abroad and exchange students

You can choose to either enrol online or in person at International Orientation.

Study Abroad and exchange students should enrol in three or four courses (45 to 80 points) per trimester, even if pre-approved for more than four courses per trimester.