You might be able to work part time while you’re studying—your visa will tell you if you can.

Post-study work visa

From 26 November 2018, the New Zealand Government is making changes to the post-study work rights for international students. Find out more about the post-study work visa and how these changes might affect you.

Who can work on a student visa

Most international students who are studying full time for at least a year are entitled to work:

  • up to 20 hours per week during the academic year (March to October), and
  • full time (up to 40 hours per week) during the summer break (November to February).

You won’t be able to work in NZ if you’re:

Victoria University scholarship students can work for up to 600 hours per year, for a maximum of 10–12 hours per week.

Immigration New Zealand has full details on who can work while studying.

If you believe you’re entitled to work but your visa doesn’t say so, you need to request a ‘variation of conditions’ from Immigration New Zealand.

When you’ve finished your degree, you might be able to apply for a Post-study work visa.

Getting an IRD number

Before you start working in New Zealand, you need an IRD number from the Inland Revenue Department. This is how your tax is paid.

Find out how to apply for an IRD number.

Finding part-time work in Wellington

The best places to look for jobs are:

Victoria’s Careers and Employment service

Careers and Employment can help you with career advice, preparing your CV and finding a job.

You’ll find them in Room 120, Hunter building, Kelburn campus. For more information, email or call +64-4-463 5393.

Labour laws in New Zealand

As a worker in New Zealand, you’re entitled to:

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has full details on minimum employment rights.