Phones and SIM cards

Save on roaming charges by buying a New Zealand SIM card for your phone. International calling cards are usually cheaper than standard international rates.

Getting a NZ mobile

When you first get to New Zealand, you’ll probably use your cellphone from home—but roaming charges get expensive fast.

The major phone companies in New Zealand are:

All the cellphone providers in New Zealand use SIM cards. If the phone you have uses one, you can usually just buy a NZ SIM and use it with your phone. You can pay for cellphone use either:

  • on contract, where you pay a monthly rate for set services, or
  • as you go (called pre-pay), where you add money to your account as you need it.

Making calls

You can buy international calling cards from any convenience store (called a dairy) or supermarket. These are usually cheaper than standard international rates.

In New Zealand:

  • local calls are free landline-to-landline, but calls to cellphones cost per minute
  • you always need to use an area code to call a landline from a cellphone (Wellington’s area code is 04)
  • 0800 numbers are toll free
  • 0900 numbers cost to call.