Bringing your family to NZ

If you want to bring your family with you while you study in NZ, you’ll need to arrange visas and make sure you’ll be able to support them financially.


Your partner (spouse or de facto) and family may be able to join you in Wellington, but they’ll all need their own visas.

Find out how to apply for visas for your partner and family.

Costs of living in Wellington

Make sure you have the financial resources to support your family before they join you—Wellington can be an expensive city to live in.

You’ll need to pay for insurance for everyone, and unless you’re a scholarship student, you’ll have to pay international school fees for any children attending school.

The living cost calculator is a useful tool that can assist you with planning your finances.

Accommodation options

As halls of residence and homestays are usually only available to single students, you’ll need to find private, off-campus accommodation. It can take some time to find private housing, so be prepared to be in temporary accommodation when you first arrive.