Accept your offer

Find out how to accept, decline, or defer your Offer of Place and what to do if you have conditions to meet.

If you’ve received an Offer of Place letter, it means you’ve been accepted to study at the University. Congratulations.

Check your Offer

It's very important that you:

  • check your Offer of Place before you accept it—make sure it’s for the programme of study and major you applied for
  • meet any conditions—for example, providing IELTS test results
  • bring any required documentation—for example, academic transcripts, certificates—with you to New Zealand.

You’ll need all of the required documentation to be able to enrol in courses when you arrive here.

What to do next

In most cases, you can accept, defer, or decline your Offer of Place online—you’ll need your student ID number and date of birth to log in.

Accepting your Offer

When you accept an Offer of Place, you’re:

  • telling us you plan to attend Victoria University of Wellington
  • accepting a place in the programme of study in your Offer
  • agreeing to pay your fees before you begin studying at the University.

Deferring your Offer

If you’d like to come to the University but can’t start immediately, you can defer your Offer to another year—select ‘defer’ in the online tool and choose the date that you’d like to come.

Declining your Offer

If you decide not to study at the University, you can decline your Offer of Place:

If your Offer of Place has conditions

If you’ve got a conditional Offer of Place, you can still accept it. You’ll need to meet the conditions before you can apply for your student visa.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to meet the conditions of your Offer before you arrive in New Zealand, email