Insurance for your family

If your family come with you to New Zealand you can choose to insure them under your Studentsafe Inbound University policy.

A family policy can cover your:

  • spouse or partner
  • dependent children under 18.

We highly recommend that you insure your family members, as they may not be eligible for any public health benefits. Find out more about Studentsafe Inbound University insurance.

Cover for your children

If your children enrol as international students at a New Zealand school, they’ll need to have insurance that meets the guidelines in the Education (Pastoral Care for International Students) Code of Practice.

Studentsafe Inbound University family insurance is an easy and affordable way of making sure you and your children have appropriate cover. If you need one, the insurance adviser can provide a letter of confirmation for your children’s school.

What it costs

2019 premiums

  • Family (student + one) annual premium $1,240
  • Family (student + two or more) annual premium $1,550

Get cover

You’ll need to:

You don’t need to do or pay anything before you arrive in New Zealand.