After you’ve paid your fees

Find out what happens after you’ve paid your fees and what you need to complete to apply for a refund.

After you’ve paid your fees

It’ll take 4–6 working days to process your payment (longer if you’ve posted the payment to us).

Once we’ve received the money and processed your payment, we’ll send you a Summary of Deposit by email. You can use this as proof of payment for your visa.

We can contact Immigration New Zealand on your behalf to give them your receipt information directly—if you’d like us to do this, email your Immigration New Zealand visa application number and the email address of the immigration officer dealing with your student visa application.

Getting a refund

A student may apply for a refund if they withdraw prior to the withdrawal cut-off date as mentioned in Appendix E of the University’s Fees Statute. All refunds will be subject to the conditions mentioned in the statute and may also be subject to some placement and administration fees specified in Appendix D of the statute.

Refund requests must be made in writing. To apply for a refund, email

Refund requests are processed after the withdrawal cut-off date for that Trimester.

A student enrolled in the Certificate in English Proficiency, who gives written notice of withdrawal within two weeks of commencement of the programme, will receive a full refund of fees less administration fee (if applicable).