US Financial Aid

Victoria University of Wellington is a Deferment Only institution from 1 May 2015.

Loans available at Victoria

New US federal direct loans are no longer available. Victoria University of Wellington can certify Private Loans and US Veterans benefits for those eligible.

If you have previously received US Federal Student loans, you can apply for an in-school deferment through Victoria International if you are enrolled at Victoria on at least a half-time basis.

If you are enrolling at Victoria University of Wellington through a US study abroad or student exchange programme your financial aid is processed through the Financial Aid Office at your home university/college.

Victoria University of Wellington’s cohort default rate for year 2013 is 5.7 percent. The University is required by US legislation to publish its Cohort Default Rate (CDR). The CDR is a calculation made by the US Department of Education and is the percentage of students who attended an institution, received federal student loans at some point during their studies and later defaulted on the repayment of their federal loan within a certain period.

Private Loans

You can fund your study with a private loan. Apply online for the Sallie Mae Student Loan.

If you have chosen another lender who is offering a private loan for study then Victoria International can work with them to certify the loan for you.

Once you are approved for the private loan please email with a confirmation of your loan eligibility.

National Student Loan Data System

We recommend you monitor your federal loan borrowing history online through the National Student Loan Data System which contains all information about federal loans you may have borrowed in the past, who your loan servicer(s) is/are, and so on.

Repayment plans and calculators

You may be interested in using a US federal loan repayment calculator to better understand your total loan debt, repayment options and overall loan costs. We recommend Student Aid on the web Repayment plans and calculators.